The Ascension of Diamonds


A fortnight ago heralded the return to Wonderland, the planes crossed over and allowed the realm to again journey into the colorful checkerboard landscape. This time, the Queen of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts requested the realm to fight and build up each of their armies. The realm’s adventurers divided in half and fought alongside the Queens’ card soldiers, as each card soldier fell, the other side collected the soldiers and delivered them to their Queen. After a long battle, the Queen of Diamonds was victorious, her army collecting the most card soldiers and proving themselves the victors over the Queen of Hearts.

Then came the tournament. The Queen of Diamonds, enthused at the victory over the Queen of Hearts, called for the adventurers to ascend through her ranks to become her new King, Jack, Ten, and ranked card soldiers. The tournament was long as the adventurers began as lowly twos and fought each other to ascend to threes, then fours, and so on until those few reached the rank of Jack. They then battled for the coveted title of King, the valiant nomad Hobi took the title. Dax became the Jack and Firbolg of Tyrcath took the title of Ten.

Wonderland has once again faded into the planar system, certain to return one day.

Post and Picture by Marie Lupia