Pool Noodle & Duct Tape



Hosted by Zuko and Jo’Bide of Warspite, Pool Noodle & Duct Tape is one of the premier LARP podcasts on the web! The two of them have intense levels of experience with LARP and the LARP community and we’re always happy to see them out at Darkon: The Realm of Orcs! Well on their way to becoming legends in their own respect, these two are dedicated to helping grow the sport and the craft of foam fighting and LARPing to be all that it can be, not just by representing in person but doing what they can to put together a fantastic and informative podcast that is just as entertaining as it is insightful. They not only talk from their personal experience but they also have a series of very well done interviews with people who enjoy all different sides of LARP. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of LARP and foam fighting then Pool Noodle & Duct Tape comes highly recommended and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Pool Noodle & Duct Tape!

Pool Noodle & Duct Tape is also on Facebook and is available on Podbean.

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