A strange magic stirs in the realm, a vibration in the earth and stones and trees- a humming underneath the foundations and cobblestones of the towns and cities.

Occasionally people have reported the smell of rich food, fine drink, and the sounds of music, laughter and the smashing of tankards emanating from empty alleyways or thick groves of trees throughout the world.


The ORCS Feast is an annual event hosted for all members of ORCSLARP, that being said you must have attended an event prior to the feast in order to attend. The feast CANNOT be your first ORCS Event! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Members of Darkon are welcome to the ORCS Feast, please just try to RSVP on the event page or let Elizabeth Barlow know by some other means if possible, so we keep a good estimate of attendance. The ORCS Feast is FREE!!

If you would like to help with the feast in any way, either with cooking, set up, serving, clean up, or entertainment please contact Elizabeth Barlow at elizabethgbralow@gmail.com, any help is appreciated!! Pit fights will be held at the feast, if you intend to take part please bring whatever armor or weapons you require.


Concerning drinking at the feast.

  1. You will need a government issued photo ID in order to drink alcohol. I don’t care if you’re old as dirt and we all know it. We will check IDs.
  2. In order for your ID to be checked you will need to donate three dollars ($3) minimum to the club.
  3. After you have been checked to make sure you are over 21, and you are indeed 21, you will get a wristband to indicate that you can drink alcohol.
  4. The bar will not dispense multiple alcoholic beverages to one person at a time. When you get your cup/mug/chalice/tankard please keep track of it throughout the night, water will be provided to clean it if you should choose to switch beverages.
  5. If you are unsure whether or not you will be sober enough to drive (if you are not then your keys will be taken away from you) and unsure if you are able to get a ride home, you may bring a tent to set up before the feast to sleep in.

If you are under 21, you can still donate to the club. If you would like you may donate more than three dollars, three dollars is just the minimum donation.

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