Bellum Aeternus V Pre-Registration is OPEN


Bellum Aeternus V pre-registration is open to the masses! Pre-registration covers the entirety of the four-day event from April 28th to May 1st for only $20! And on top of that, the first 20 people will receive an exclusive free Bellum V t-shirt, as well as a bottle opener and mug! The next 30 people will receive a mug and bottle opener and the next 150 people will receive a bottle opener and everyone likes free stuff, right?

Everyone who pre-registers will get 4 extra credits for the event! That’s almost an entire level!!

All Bellum Aeternus V registration options are listed below for your convenience!

$20.00 pre-registration, covers the entire weekend with camping.
$25.00 for the entire weekend with camping.
$10.00 for day tripping.

Further, the infamous Drauhaus Brauhaus will be present at Bellum V for everyone’s enjoyment (just be prepared to suffer for your fun) on Friday and Saturday night. For the price of $15 a night you are free to drink all of the beer, hard cider, and murderfruit that you can handle, a hub of activity during the event, it is not something to be missed out on.

Bellum Aeternus V is located at Patuxent River Park in Marlboro, Maryland! If you have concerns about transportation to and from Bellum, then check out the ORCSLARP Facebook group to ask about carpooling or check out ongoing communications concerning Bellum.

For more information on Bellum Aeternus V, check out the Facebook event page!

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