Where is Bosch? Bloody Axe Campout Pre-Adventure


As night fell upon the Realm of ORCS, a sound like thunder swept across the land. One by one, each country was called out and a question was posed to them;

“Where is Bosch?”

A colossal metallic dragon had descended, its wings beating terror into the air and molten mithril dripping from it’s fangs. Unending hordes of creatures surrounded the dragon, scuttling around it’s feet and cackling in delight and bloodlust. Those who tried to reason with the dragon were met with the same question and all subsequent attempts at negotiation merely caused the dragon’s rage to intensify.

All met with similar fates: death, defeat, and retreat.

His Royal Majesty High King Smelton called an emergency court to discuss the metallic plague that had swept through the realm. None knew of the name Bosch, except Con of the Bloody Axe Mercenary Guild. Many years ago Bosch had been a member of Bloody Axe, but no one had seen him for ages. Hopefully, Con and his associates can locate Bosch to appease this metallic dragon.

Post, photo, and video credit to Marie Lupia