Tyrcathian Games


Excitement was in the air as the Tyrcathian games kicked off again. The festivities started with three attractions designed to separate those attending from their coin. First there was Monster in a Bag, in which participants paid to summon a monster from a bag to fight – winner doubled their money. Ring Two had two attractions: one was Marco Flailo and the other was Sumo Shield Push. In Marco Flailo two people were blindfolded and put one hand on a chest, then took turns trying to hit each other with a flail. In Sumo Shield Push they squared off shield to shield in order to push one another outside the circle. Ring Three contained the Circle of Death. At first participants were timed as they dodged thrown javelins from all directions. Next they were attacked by ever-increasing waves of goblins. At one point Ring Two became a two-man team challenge for coin. During the event, onlookers were running around offering side-quests for coin. The last event of the evening was a Dodgespear Tournament. The winners of the tournament would get three brand new javelins. With a hard fought victory Tyrcath brought home the win. Thanks to Tyrcath for running a great event.
Written by: Daniel Scanlon
Photo Credit: April Roth Bradbury