The Spring Court; Treason in the Realm?


With season change comes with the gathering of the King’s Court, members of the realm come together to hail the King and receive new proclamations.

His Royal Majesty High King Smelton Smudgeson von Wayland stood before the crowd, the members of his Kings Guard around him, as well as the Master of Coin, Baroness Aiefen; the hand of the King, Edicimoh; the Royal Librarian, Mircea; and the Royal Scribe, Cobweb. Court started with each country responding to the request that comes every season change – will they pay tribute to the crown?

Each country agreed, except Darklon, which was absent of members, and Ched Nasad, who only had representation by Darius Stormbeard, whom had not been given counsel on the matter. Bloody Axe Mercenary Company also provided tribute to the crown, paid to the Baroness.
Recently, His Royal Majesty Smelton was assaulted, struck by Bard Silas of Eileana’ Reault by a new magic that possessed him to dance wildly and without abandon. This ‘Mad Dance’ is henceforth banned from the realm and anyone caught in the act of this lewd dance shall be killed on sight. As a clarification – casting the spell ‘Mad Dance’ itself is not banned, it is merely the act of dancing that disturbs His Royal Majesty.

Sark and Paya of Ralkea will be married at Bellum Aeternus VI. Invitations have been posted and the realm as a whole has been invited. The wedding is Friday the 28th of April and a reception hosted by Dark Legion will follow.

Steven’s Day is in two weeks and there will be a Fairest Maiden competition, the realm is encouraged to celebrate Steven of Aileana’ Reault and the years he spent in female garb as a nun. Gentlemen – don your finest dresses and rouge, Ladies – begin growing out your facial hair, all those in between and who do not adhere to any defined gender – dress fancy.

The Cleric Haydrick of Tyrcath has petitioned the Noble Council and will be squired under Baroness Aiefen.

After court convened and all was said and done a message went out to the entire realm; Sir Zoren of Eileana’ Reault had something to say:

‘A year has passed since High King Smelton took the throne, and I say that it is time to see a new ruler be crowned. I Sir Zoren, challenge High King Smelton for the crown. I ask the realm to choose their sides in this fight and to mark their alliances well. For this will be a true test for us all.

Sir Zoren
Consul of Eileana’ Reault’

Mage of Tyrcath
Page to Baroness Aiefen
Scribe to the Realm