The Lich of the Forest; A Ralkean Adventure


Ralkea, an empire of commerce and innovation, brought a grave discovery to the Realm, seeking assistance. Black vines had been discovered choking the life out of the trees in the wilds of Ralkea, and the Ralkean Expeditionary discovered the source to be a Lich that had taken up residence in a temple within the heart of the forest.

The countries of the Realm banded together to assist Ralkea in their time of need, taking down giant spiders and fire ants, manticores, and the undead to get to the trees and destroy the infection. The vines could only be destroyed with fire, and only once all vines were gone did the Lich make their presence known, wiping out much of the realm. All fought valiantly, many were wounded and slain, and in the end, the Lich was defeated and cast out of Ralkea.



Post, photo, and video credit to Marie Lupia