The Festival of the Wolf and the Ram


A new year: the Realm of ORCS is fighting off the invasions of Orcs that plague the lands, beating them back to protect the people of the realm. Villagers cower in their homes as brave heroes step forward to repel the hordes of evil.

Even with these fearsome battles being waged, life goes on in the realm. The annual festival of the Wolf God and Ram God, celebrated among the villages of the unclaimed planes, has brought together adventurers of the realm to assist in claiming the gods blessings. The Wolf God and Ram God bless the sheep and cows, bestowing health and fertility among the peasants and allowing for a bountiful year. Unfortunately, the gods will not bestow their blessings until both the sheep and the cows have been corralled and are becoming angry with the villagers and attacking anyone who is not actively corralling livestock. The villagers have become too frightened to collect the animals and have turned to the adventurers in the time of need, as without the blessings their livestock and livelihoods will suffer.

Facing off against gods is no easy task, even for seasoned fighters of the realm. Along with this difficult enemy, strange magic has rippled through the realm, granting specific people different skill sets then they’re used to. Sark of Ralkea found himself brimming with magic and able to summon fireballs, while Decklin of Tyrcath was unable to reach the divine magic of Cath, severely limiting his healing abilities in the midst of battle. This was not the first time something of this nature had happened, and this strange occurrence of magic was not permanent.

The Ram and Wolf gods prowled around the lands as the adventurers raced to gather up the animals; Tyrcath was alone in their endeavor to gather sheep for the Wolf god while Eileana’ Reult, Ralkea, Darklon, Ascendia, and the nomads of the realm worked to coral the cows for the Ram God. After a long day of fending off the gods and each other, the realm was able to unite and subdue the Wolf and Ram god, securing the blessings for the villages.


Post written by Marie Lupia

Photos by Angela Scott