The Compulsion and the Keep


Upon the lands that were raised by all the druids and mages there was an ancient mist obscured keep lost in time. To each country a booming voice called to them requesting the two strongest men of each of country to come forth and be tested inside the keep.Once champions from each country was inside they looked at other with distrust, not knowing what was to happen next. Each pair stood ready to defend their compatriot, His Royal Majesty High King Smelton was even prepping a spell behind Decklin, but as soon as his spell was complete each warriors’ mind went blank and a magical compulsion fell over them. Each of the four doors into the keep slammed closed as the champions awaited their countrymen to send in a search party to find their missing leaders.

The champions were compelled to attack their own countrymen, the test was not for strength or courage but a test of leadership and camaraderie in the face of their bespelled compatriots. The compulsion lead the champion duos to fight together as well as to seek out their own country and fight them to the last man; they would not take wounds, damage, or be affected in anyway by magic  except from their own country.

Bloody Axe and Ralkea worked together to form a hospice, their mage mending armor while Corith of Bloody Axe healed those around him. Steven of Eileana’ Reault, using sanctuary to avoid attacks, walked among the compelled champions in an attempt to talk sense into Sir Zoren and Thor’amar to no effect. Eileana’ Reault attempted to work with Freeport while Tyrcath studied the keep and the effects it had on their leaders. Decklin of Tyrcath was defeated, yet by the hand of his deity he was able to rise again and continue fighting, but was eventually defeated again. The younger Tyrcathians managed to carry HRM Smelton out of the keep as Luna struggled to drag Decklin’s body and was soon assisted by the other present Tyrcathians.

ER and Freeport managed to disarm Faakhir but his warrior spirit raged on as he yelled for his men to continue to fight him, taking up the weapons of the fallen Decklin, he continued fighting until he was overwhelmed by the looming size and strength of Belaeth. Eventually the day was one and each country bested their own men in combat and the trial was won.

Written by Jerry Landry and Marie Lupia
Photo Credit to Samantha Quarto