Scared of what…..


A chill wind blew across the lands as our adventurers found themselves upon a scared villager. “Scared of what?”, one may ask. The villager explained a land of monsterous creatures that seemed neigh unkillable. The monsters wreaked havoc and sowed fear upon the land. The villager offered great rewards for cleansing his lands of these creatures, but let them escape would mean they would wreak mayhem in other places. Our adventurers accepted the challenge and ventured forth to whatever awaited them. Upon entering these lands they came upon a demon, trapped in a mystical cell, seeking escape, tempting and seducing all with their greatest desires. When they tried to bring harm to the demon, all their weapons and magic seemed to have no effect upon him. They were told that, to release the demon and to be able to bring him harm, that they would need to complete a ritual. This ritual required the amulets from four wandering monsters deep within the forest. Our adventures immediately began seeking them out, they came across the most unusual of beings. First was a colorful man, dressed in patches of mix matched colors and a large red nose. He wielded an axe, inflicting all who were hit by it, a vivid hallucination. Next was a playful child, her whole being made out of glass, she sang and dance and enticed our adventurers with the most eerie persona. She herself wielded two daggers that when struck brought upon the most crippling pain. Another beast wandering the forest was a being of many legs, the spider. The spider scurried about causing mayhem when it saw fit, throwing its web upon his foes leaving them unable to move. What’s worse that the spider’s attacks cause paralysis to where the injury happened. Finally there was death, death was a man only interested in the dying breath of others. He brought on his great sword poisoned by his touch that even one prick could cause even the strongest of man to wither away. Our adventurers fought long and hard but came upon a perplexing dilemma, each time the monsters were slained, they would merely vanish only to reappear somewhere else. It seems that each of them had their own ritual to complete to be able to bring final death upon them. As time went on, our compatriots were to unravel the magic that made these beings immortal and were able to retrieve all four amulets, now it was the demon’s turn. With all four amulets the spell keeping the demon locked in place was broken, sadly our heroes were not fast enough, and the demon escaped. Wherever the demon disappeared to, surely will make a reappearance, hopefully then our adventurers can bring him to his final rest. But with the villager’s land cleared of the plague, merriment and cheers were had all around. Success was met this day but the hunt continues.

Written by :Wilson Benoit
Photo Taken by Heath Entwisle