New Taxes and a New Champion; Court and Tournament


The day was bright and beautiful as members of the realm gathered around the ring to hear His Royal Majesty High King Smelton’s proclamations for the upcoming season. First, each country was asked if they would contribute tribute to the crown, all said yes.

Next came the new proclamations; it is well known throughout the realm that Tyrcath follows the great bear god Cath, Warspite follows the same diety under a different name – Grimcult. It was decreed that those who followed other dieties (or false gods) would be taxed for every spell they cast. Those who follow Cath and Grimcult are exempt from this tax.

While this caused some stirring within the realm, more was still to come as HRM High King Smelton continued with a tax on fire, including fireballs, burning hands, torches, and fire pits. Bows are considered a deadly weapon and all those who use a bow must register themselves as well as their weapon with the crown. The Royal Tax Collector, Baroness Aiefen would be around in the coming weeks to register bows and collect all taxes. The realm was warned that more taxes and laws would be coming their way and that country leaders will need to keep track of these taxes.

As much of HRM High King Smelton’s Royal Guard consists of those not within Tyrcath, those within the guard are allowed to quit with no repercussions.

Once court was adjourned the realm continued on to the main event, the tournament!

Winners are as followed:

Sword and Board: PG of Warspite

Chain and Board: HRM High King Smelton of Tyrcath, who gifted the prize to Silas of Eileana’ Reult

Single Sword: HRM High King Smelton of Tyrcath

Florentine: Sir Vex of Tyrcath

Two-Handed Weapons: Sark of Ralkea

Two-Team Fights: Tyrannus of Dark Legion and Decklin of Tyrcath

Archery: Arrith, the former Champion

Javelin: Arrith

Once all the events completed the points were added up and the all-around champion was named His Royal Majesty High King Smelton of Tyrcath!

After the official fights had concluded, the Southern Fighters Coalition gathered the realm again for the closing festivities – the Tyrcathian Dagger Fights! Typically thought to be a peasant sport, these dagger fights are more like wrestling bouts ending with someone getting stabbed. Each fighter has a dagger secured in the back of their belt, they must kill their opponent with the dagger in their opponents belt – they cannot touch their own dagger. While each fighter gave their all in the bouts, Pope Arden of Tyrcath took the prize, barely beating out a newcomer from Eileana’ Reult.

Change has begun in the Realm of ORCS, with new taxes being levied upon the realm and HRM High King Smelton becoming more violent towards those who oppose him, who knows how these changes with effect the future.

Post, photo, and video by Marie Lupia