Darkon: The Realm of Orcs Spring Campout!


The ORCS Campout is coming up this weekend! Located at Airfield 4-H in Wakefield, VA it’s looking like it’s going to be amazing (if not a bit brisk at times, please bring plenty of warm clothes for the weekend)!

There will be a lot of fighting this weekend, as well as a lot of opportunities for people to utilize their class abilities and get some roleplay, I assure you it will be a fantastic opportunity to work with your country and strengthen your bond with each other.

From Chapter President: Bryan Jenkins

We may not be on site prior to 12 pm on Friday. We must be out by 12 pm on Sunday.

Stay out of the woods as much as possible. We will designate some areas for mods. Some areas will be open for you guys to camp along the woods edge and use them for that. DO NOT enter MOD areas until they are open.

The tavern will be an OC area. Entering the tavern kills you (sorry). But this is essential for the story line. After you eat, drink, chill or whatever you must still report to Hades. If no elder is present, on your honor simply check in and leave.

Nomads, get hired asap. Once hired, you are bound to that country until otherwise told. Nomads may run as their own unit but we will discuss that further on site.

For our new guys, review the campout policy. It’s in the back of the rulebook. We have a permit alcohol secured. So you can drink.

Should not need to be said but, underage drinking and any illegal drug use is strictly forbidden and punishment will be levied as needed. Keep the drinking as chill as you can. If people get stupid we will take action.

Clean up your campsites. We (eb and nobles) will be inspecting your campsites after they are clean.

No open fires are permitted on site.

Country leaders and nomad group leaders, I’m asking that you guys, eb and nobles have a meeting on Friday. This will be before lay-on. If you are not there, send someone in your place.

We will have a “pre-lay-on” to allow folks to hire out nomads.

****story line info****

All the people of the realm are compelled to meet at this location, driven by a desire yet unknown it that is irresistible. Upon arriving you find there are bands of Orcs everywhere you look and strange items local to the area. Do what you must to survive and leave this place. This place feels that even death himself has forsaken it.

More info will be given on site tomorrow at lay-on. We are shooting for dusk (7-730).

Most importantly. Come have fun. That’s what we do it for. See you guys tomorrow.

TL/DR: go back to the top and read it. It only takes a minute and it’s important.

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