Darkon: The Realm of ORCS Crown War


The day arrived bright and sunny, a beautiful day that would soon be shattered by armies marching upon each other.

Allies arrived through the portal from The Realm of Silverdane and the Crown Lands to The Realm of ORCS, those both with and against the current king. His Royal Majesty High King Smelton was angry, and used his anger to bolster those standing with him; the members of No Quarter, Warspite, Ralkea, Freeport, and of course, Tyrcath, among others. Sir Zoren opposed His Royal Majesty, the man looked grim as he sized up his opponents, unflinching at the screams and war cries. Eileana’ Reult, Ascendia, and The Bloody Axe Mercenary Company stood at Sir Zoren’s side, waiting for the time to come.

Silence never arrived on the field, only a cacophony of noise that increased as each side grew more impatient.

The call went out and war began. Each side fought valiantly, hurling spells, shooting arrows, and cutting down one another in a bloody display of ferocity. The battle lasted only minutes, HRM Smelton keeping a tight grip on the throne. In the end all nobles were resurrected and were given the opportunity to pledge loyalty to HRM Smelton or oppose and call another Crown War, none opposed.

This insult will not be forgotten, Tyrcath remembers those who have wronged their god, Cath, and their king, His Royal Majesty Smelton.

-Cobweb, Page to Baroness Aiefen, Scribe to the Realm

After the Crown War the Realm played a rough game of Death Football, which is complicated in point scoring, but easy in killing.

Post and video credit to Marie Lupia

Photo credit to Mori Rivera