Chaos amongst allies, members against members, and there can only be one…..


The realm was alive with the sound of invasion bells as each of the nations’ armies gathered their gear to meet an unknown threat.  Each nation fought wave upon wave of a foreign invading force, until eventually the smoke of battle cleared.  The only evidence of the invaders left behind were small tokens.  When the defenders picked up the tokens they were teleported to an unknown location.  They looked around to see warriors of other nations that had also arrived in the same fashion.  The coins made everyone aggressive and everyone began killing everyone else.  Brothers killing brothers, allies turning on each other, the gathering turned into a mass melee.  The warriors collected trophies as they looted the coins from the fallen.  In the end only HRM High King Smelton stood with all of the coins in his possession.  The King received his prize… a pat on the back.  Then the realm paired off to fight in small groups of three.  Thanks to Seamus for running the event.
Written by Daniel Scanlon
Edited by Joseph Tyler
Photo Credit: Mori Rivera Minnie Mo‎