Bellum Aeternus V


Enjoyed Ice Brawl? We certainly did! It was AWESOME and we’re incredibly grateful for those who made it possible! You truly represent the best of us! The fighting, shirts, and soup was AMAZING! And everyone who put on the event made it look utterly effortless! It was great seeing people from all over coming together for the sake of some good old foam fighting! Looking for more opportunities to get with your friends and family from other games? Well you’re in luck!

Bellum Aeternus V is going to be here faster than you think! Pre-Registration opens up on February 28th and will continue until April 21st and on top of that!! The first 20 people to preregister will get an EXCLUSIVE Bellum V T-shirt, mug, and bottle opener! The next 30 people will get a mug and bottle opener and then the next 150 people will get free Bellum bottle openers! EVERYONE who preregisters will get 4 bonus credits for their trouble, not only that but pre-registration is $20 while on site registration is $25 for the weekend. $10 for a single day and night of camping, and $5 for a day trip. This event is being hosted at Patuxent River Park in Maryland and will have plenty of fighting, roleplay, and more for anyone and everyone in attendance!

ORCSLARP will be present at this event, and if anyone is interested in carpooling, there are plenty of opportunities! Don’t miss out on this amazing time to interact with people from a wide manner of LARPs across the East Coast!

Bellum Aeternis is a 4 day event, running from April 28th through May 1st and those four days are absolutely filled with stuff to do!
Thursday Welcome Party hosted by Northern Kingdoms!

Thursday and Friday Adventure hosted by Chosen Blood!

Giant Saturday Scenario Battles with over 200 combatants!

Drauhaus Brauhaus Beer Garden Friday and Saturday Nights!

An Impressive Merchant Row offering arms, armor, garb, weapons, leather goods, jewelry and more!

Music, Dancing & Comedy Entertainment Throughout!


Full Schedule and Registration Details Coming Soon!

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