August coming to an End: Medicine and Trolls!


With the month coming to a close, our adventurers find themselves in a most peculiar situation. Beset upon them was a mission to deliver medicine across a bridge that was guarded by trolls. At first it seemed like a simple task, however as each adventurer fell to the enemy a baby troll spawned besides the bridge. After many attempts of slaying both adventurers and trolls, the medicine was finally delivered. Awaiting across the bridge for our adventures was a beach, and with it a new danger. From the ocean rose the people of the sea, wanting to reclaim the land from those who walked it. With land and sea pushing from either side to claim territory over the other, it mimicked the ebb and flow of the tide. Our brave friends were able to push back their enemy from whence they came. Along with the remaining days till next event, our adventurers began training and preparing for the Fall tournament, a chance to prove their might, and maybe walk away with some heavier pockets.

Written by: Wilson Benoit
Photo Credit: Kirby Hartline Photography