Ascendian Bomb Relay


Orcs invaded Tyrcath on this day, the country received prior warning due to their tower and their forces were severely weakened. The orcs numbered five and were slaughtered by the warriors of Tyrcath.

Many countries came out to represent in the Ascendian relays we all took part in, fighting over a single bomb and attempting to get it into enemy territory proved to be a difficult task indeed but some, it appears stood above the rest. This bomb, created by Mercia of Ascendia proved to be a fickle thing, prone to exploding in the carrier’s hands, which often proved troublesome when transporting it… but it certainly made things interesting.

Each team needed to steal 10 points amidst the chaos of magic, arrows, and other nasty bits of weaponry that filled the space between the bases and so first to achieve that honor was Tyrcath, who fought valiantly with line tactics that heralded thoughts of old Tyrcath on the field. Second was Ched Nasad who’s force and brutality overran the field, achieving their goals by whatever means necessary- they reached 10 points as they rushed through their enemies’ forces and bringing chaos with them.

Most honorable mention goes to Warspite who, despite being a guild and owing no allegiance to any country of the realm, represented very well and were well set into their job of killing those around them. They oftentimes proved themselves to be very well more of a problem despite being situated in the least advantageous spot, the middle of the field. Even though they were located right in the ‘kill zone’ they effectively made sure that they were the one’s doing more than their fair share of the killing to be had. Ascendia recognizes their skill and efforts graciously.

Thank you, Ascendia for putting on an amazing event and thank you to everyone who participated, also for making it an amazing event.


Photo Credit A. Dawn Roth