Ched Nasad Hosts 2017 Campout


The the spring gathering of nations occurred as it did every year and like every year before it another threat approached to threaten these lands. Representatives of the gods of chaos descended upon the realm sent by their patrons to recover items of power and destroy each other. However each representative had to lure mortals to their cause or fail their god. Be warned, not even the most powerful of demons dare fail a task given directly by the gods of chaos. Khorne the Blood God and God of Skulls, represented by a demon that had strength beyond that of mortals and whose presence could turn even friends against each other. Slaanesh the Lord of Excess and Prince of Pleasure, his representative was a demon that was inexplicably both grotesque and enchanting. The gender neutral demon could bring any mortal under their sway for a period of time and enslave them to their will. Tzeentch Lord of all Magic and Changer of Ways, was represented by a humanoid bird that seemed frail and week, despite this he was a master of healing and arcane magics the likes of which no mortal could hope to equal; even more unsettling was his desire to have mortals work on his behalf. Finally, Nurgle the Plague Lord, his representative was a foul creature that even the blackest pits had rejected out of disgust; with his touch he could inflict any poison of his desire on an individual. Friday night the realm met these creatures, with more were to come shortly after.

After the sudden arrival of the representatives of chaos, they wasted no time bringing out the worst of the mortals. Motivated by duty, greed and bigotry the mortals sought flags from the agents of chaos, some of these flags proved easy to acquire while others proved more elusive. What was known was that boons were provided to those who acquired them and turned them into the gambling lair of the Great Horned Rat, God of the Skaven rat people. It should be noted that the Great Horned Rat had lost his horn in a gamble earlier that day to a man named Darius Stormbeard. Among the chaos a dapper gentleman with a face of tentacles stalked the night that introduced itself as Mr. Rey Leigh and there were even whispers of an agent of Malal the Renegade Chaos wondering around. Towards the end of the night a labyrinth opened up inviting the bold to enter. If you and every member of your group navigated the dark labyrinth and escaped before time ran out then you would claim a boon similar to those that turned in the flags, however the path was treacherous and lit only by glow worms. In the end many went to bed uncertain of what tomorrow would bring.

Shortly after midday sun chaos once again broke out among the realm. It was discovered that if you killed people you could take their skull and turn it in for prizes. Former allies began to turn on each other as they hoped this slaughter would ride them of the demons. As this happened the demons would watch and some may have been amused by the carnage mortals would inflict on each other in the name of expunging demons. In the end more mortals died by the hands of other mortals than by the hands of demons. As bleak as this slaughter was it did unlock the key; the skulls of the defeated were used to purchase the secret to defeating the demons. The trick was that a demon was needed to activate the tool to banish another demon. Realizing this, Tyrcath gathered the required components and brutally murdered the representative of Khorne, siding with the representative of Slaanesh, Tyrcath and the demon banished Khorne’s puppet of murder from this realm. Despite this brief victory, Slaanesh’s representative would be the next to fall; the demon of excess grew with hubris as they were seduced by offers of ruling this world and the rewards of the flesh that would follow. In the end this proved to be a trap. The demon was betrayed and killed as mortals offered their bodies to it and soon the next demon to fall arrived to banish the demon of excess that was seduced. The representative of Tzeentch arrived cautiously in the camp of the Northern Kingdoms to banish the demon of debauchery. After he did so he returned to the allies he had made in the country of Eileana’ Reult, the previous night the bird demon of plots had hidden his flag well and used it to barter with the country’s leader for assistance defeating the other demons and sending him home. This demon that called itself Ithallel only needed to banish the one last demon that had been captured, however it was not to be. Betrayed by the country that it worked alongside, Ithallel was overpowered and killed in preparation for the final banishment by the representative of Nurgle. The demon of disease and pestilence had been defeated and passed around from camp to camp; it turned out that many people in the Northern Kingdoms followed Nurgle and wanted his representative defeated last. The betrayed demon of plots and schemes was betrayed and banished in the very camp he thought he was safest in and after the bird demon was banished the whole realm wasted no time killing the final demon.

Nurgle’s representative went down quickly but then a problem arose. There were no other representatives to banish the final one. The mortals gathered round the rotten disease ridden corpse to attempt to banish it with their own power. After watching demons perform the act they foolishly thought they were capable of similar feats. In their hubris, when the body dissappeared the mortals believed themselves victorious. However a man of many faces began wandering around and offered words of warning to anyone that offered him skulls to quiet the voices. His warning was that the last one would return to consume all. As he tried to spread this warning he eventually found his way to the sight that Nurgle’s representative had been slain. Suddenly it was clear, he was the gateway for the arrival of one of Nurgle’s greatest champions. He screamed in pain as he grew to giant heights and his flesh decayed into a horrid form; the prophetic man of many phases had become a full fledged Plague Lord of Nurgle. It’s sword hit with the force a catapult and its touch alone could inflict pain that would make a man beg for death. All seemed lost until these mortals that had spent the whole day killing each other rallied against this final enemy. It was a hard fight and many died but eventually the beast was slain.

The following is a letter from Sir Vex, General of Tyrcath (Guy Roden) to the realm that summarizes the event and how the realm handled this crisis:

“It occurs to me while considering our recent war against the avatars of chaos this past week. That Khorne was murdered with blood and wrath, Slaanesh was seduced, Tzeentch the keeper of secrets fell to a conspiracy, coupled with a betrayal. And Nurgle was passed around from camp to camp and ultimately killed in close proximity to the entire realm, easily close enough to spread his plaugue. No one could be more proud of our accomplishments than the daemon themselves. I wonder if we didn’t do exactly what they wanted in the way they wanted us to. This victory may have been our greatest failure to date.”

Surely there is a lesson to be learned here, but are you wise enough to see it mortal…

Written by Jonathan Barlow

Photo and Video credit to Marie Lupia