Mobian Confederation


  • Founded: 190,000 years ago (Declared: Ninth Fall Season) (09/13/2013)
  • Government: Tribal, led by The Fensejulle (The Will of Mankind)
  • Capitol: Praan, Hex 7852
  • Deity: Science, Logic, Lesser spirits, but no specific deity.
  • Motto: Joore Los Vahzah, “Mortality is Truth.“, “For the Dragon/For the Hydra!”
  • Colors: Navy Blue and Silver, sometimes with red (Eztalmende) or green (Ajimallo).

The United Tribes is the oldest nation in The Realm, founded around 190,000 years ago.  Since its inception, the people of the tribes have been led by two Primal Beasts.  Eztalmende is a Great Primordial Hydra, the last of a species meant to rule over countless centuries.  Ajimallo is a Great Primordial Black Dragon, also the last of his species which was meant to observe and maintain knowledge and history until the end of days.  Where both of their species failed, they have hoped their hand-picked human successors and their descendants will succeed.

When other humans were still playing with sticks and stones, the tribes were given an extremely powerful gift by their benefactors — knowledge.  The tribes flourished, discovering how to use metals and build more permanent homes, as well as how to conquer their environments well before their time.  The gift of mana — what many refer to as ‘magic’ — was born from the blood of Ajimallo himself when he sealed the blood pact with his human followers.  The Great Beasts never set themselves up as gods — they are mortal creatures not beyond the reach of death.  And their people never revered them as gods — only great, wise, and powerful rulers who demanded respect and gave it in return.  Their civilization flourished for millenia.

In return, Eztalmende and Ajimallo passed on their life’s work, and that of their ancestors, to the race of humans.  Eztalmende wanted the tribe to become prolific warriors, able to survive against any foe and any danger, who would use any means necessary to achieve their victory.  Ajimallo wanted the tribe to continue his work on the Vuhkrette Do Ul, a huge collection of all of history Ajimallo and his ancestors had recorded.  Ajimallo revered nature above all things: the tribe was also to do whatever it could to spread the knowledge and truth that nature, and only nature, controls the evolution of the planet.

The tribes agreed to these pacts, sealing them with blood.  With this blood pact, Ajimallo unwittingly bestowed one additional gift to the race of man: the gift of mana, commonly known as magic, is passed on through the blood.  What others see as divine intervention is nothing more than matter manipulation, and the ability to do so has been passed on from Ajimallo to all of mankind, even if it took millenia for them to realize and master this potential.

These gifts, in the end, turned out to be a curse.  What the tribe saw as gifts of science, knowledge, and Mother Nature, many other uneducated Neanderthals saw as gifts from a divine god.  Where they had hoped to spread the wealth of knowledge and history, the people of the tribal lands instead created religion and a faith in unseen, invisible forces.  Before it was understood what the gifts of magic truly were, many Scales (tribespeople) threw the truth to the side and embraced the faith of religions.  In their dismay, Eztalmende and Ajimallo took their most faithful followers back to their original homelands in the Dremheim Mountains, keeping them under a Time Stop spell for many millenia, until the rest of the world caught up to their expedited development.

The Tribal Lands stepped foot outside their mountain home for the first time 1,000 years ago.  Since then, they have isolated themselves from others, interested only in history and scientific development in the interest of proving that science — not a false divine god — rules the realm.  Only recently have they made contact with the other nations.  Is the world finally ready to abandon their false gods?  Will the careful patience of Ajimallo pay off in a united world that sacrifices faith for knowledge?  Or will the vengeful spirit of Eztalmende set the world on fire before the truth is finally accepted?

Selected Timeline

  • 500,000 years ago:
    • Eztalmende and Ajimallo are born, each the last of their respective species.
  • 200,000 years ago:
    • The Jooremun, humans (homo sapiens) are born!
  • 190,000 years ago:
    • The two Great Disasters occur
      • The Great Migration occurs.  The hydra Eztalmende ravaged the deserts, causing thousands of large, scorpion-like creatures to flee.  The scorpions had no choice but to run to the nearby forests, where they battled human tribes for the right to survive.  The surviving humans earned the favor of Eztalmende with their survival insticts and combat prowess, and founded his tribe.
      • The Great Withering occurs.  The dragon Ajimallo poisoned land, air, and water alike in the Vuhnahl forest, and the human tribes that depending on the forest for like had to adapt and struggle to survive.  Those who did survive earned the favor of Ajimallo with their wit, wisdom, and patience, and founded his tribe.
    • The Blending
      • Eztalmende’s species was born to ensure ‘survival of the fittest,’ testing the other species of the world and allowing only the strongest to survive.  Ajimallo’s species was born to witness and observe the world for all eternity, ensuring that the true history of the world is passed down.
      • The wisdom of Ajimallo won over the hot-headed mind of Eztalmende, and both realized that with their limited lifetimes, both would eventually fail in their goals. By working together, using Eztalmende’s knowledge of combat and survivalism and Ajimallo’s knowledge of founding a home and working with the land, they could create a tribe that could last forever.
  • 70,000 years ago
    • Religion, in general, explodes in popularity.  The behavior of humans as a whole wildly shifts to something similar to what we see today.
    • The Two Tribes fight innumerable battles with other humans, demolishing them by using their superior technology.  Neanderthals as a whole are utterly wiped out, but much to their dismay the practice of religion survives.
  • 60,000 years ago
    • The Tribesman (Scales) of Eztal-Ajim go into hiding in the Dremheim Mountains, under the effect of a powerful Time Stop.
  • 20,000 years ago through today
    • The Tribe emerges from stasis.
    • They spend the next 10,000 years isolated in their mountain home.  The first beings they encounter when they leave the mountains is an Orcish Invading force, which they crush.
    • For the past 1,000 years, the Tribe has slowly been branching out into the world, ending their isolationist period.



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