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  • Capitol Hex: 1754
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Many years ago, there was a great tyrannical army, the Zebryns. The Zebryns were a very angry and intelligent race that wanted nothing more than to burn the world, and all crops, woods, villages, and people alike. The great Zebryn army was oppressive and genocidal, those that they did not kill, they turned into slaves.

The dark elf tribes were a race that tried to stay out of the Zebryn army’s way, but there was no hope. One night the Zebryn snuck into the elf village and killed everyone they could find. Two elves make it out of that slaughter alive and they vowed to extract revenge on the Zebryn. The two elves began following the army, figuring out a better way to kill the Zebryn. They soon discovered a weak spot in the Zebryn’s armor.

The Zebryn soon found themselves in battle against a group of men, who were giving the Zebryn a good battle, but defeat was inevitable. As the Zebryn were gathering survivors to take back to their capitol, the dark elves snuck over to the prisoners killed the guards, and unbound them. While the Zebryn weren’t expecting it, they were still ready for it, and only a handful made it out with the dark elves.

At this time its been about 500 years after the start of the Zebryn campaign, the world was finally preparing for what would eventually become the downfall of the Zebryn army. The elves, and the men, were gathering survivors, and doing what they could to release slaves, because the only people, who would fight, were those who already had lost everything. After one hundred years of gathering survivors, they formed a militia. The militia knew about the weak spot in the Zebryn’s armor, they would soon have enough soldiers, all they would then need is a place to fight that gives the m the advantage. The Zebryn army marches on like nothing is happening, moving towards another capitol of men with the intentions to burn it to the ground. The militia decided the best place to stand their ground against the army they rivaled in numbers was in this city’s castle. The militia moves into the castle with the warriors from this nation, and they wait.

The Zebryns numbers were getting too low for them to feel comfortable, so they had sent riders back to their capitol asking for reinforcements. What was sent, was the last of the Zebryn armies, huge numbers, but no more reinforcements, the Zebryn were not to lose this battle. The new army met what was left of the old army one days march from the capitol that the militia was staying in.

Being so close was a mistake on the Zebryns part, the militia’s scouts knew where they would be attacking from, how many there now was, and when they would attack. The militia prepared for the biggest battle of the time. The militia was heavily outnumbered, and they began making battle preparations. The castle they’re staying in is atop a hill, so the militia gathers boulders to release from the castle, gathers arrows, gets tar together to dump off the battlement, sharpens blades, and they dig pits in the ground around the castle to trap, or slow down the Zebryn army.

The morning of the battle came, like any other morning, dew on the ground, breakfast in the great hall, until the sound of the Zebryn’s marching army came thundering through the hall. The men prepared themselves, the women and children barricaded themselves in the great hall. The Zebryn begin climbing up the hill towards the castle when the militia releases a wave of boulders, the fleeing Zebryn turn to run and fall into one of the pits, and then the boulder crusher them. This was a great surprise for the army. The archers upon the battlements took this moment of confusion and let fly the first wave of arrows, many arrows found their mark. This was just the beginning of a two day battle.

By the end of day one, the attacking army had still not breached the castle walls, and had sustained losses. Once night one was drawing to a close, and the morning of day two approached, the Zebryn army, now half its size, although still outnumbering the defending army two to one, finally take down the gate of the castle. It seemed nothing could stop the livid Zebryn, anything in their way they cut down. The militia fought valiantly but by midday of this day they would surely be taken, when the women, and the children took up their fallen husband’s sword, they fathers sword, or any other weapon they could find, and they joined the ranks of men, and elves alike. It was an absolutely brutal battle, and by midday, the numbers were even, and by the end of the second day, the militia outnumber the army. What was left of the Zebryn army began regrouping outside of the battlements. Fearing that this was not a true retreat, the militia charged the gathering Zebryn, and killed them all.

There was no more Zebryn army, but the handful of beaten and broken survivors know they must travel to the Zebryn capitol and destroy it to ensure no more Zebryn will ever walk the earth. When they arrived at the Zebryn capitol, there was no great force to stop them, just a giant group of very angry Zebryn farmers, who attacked with farming tools, and the women, also very angry, tried fighting with whatever they could get their hands on, the militia showed no mercy, as there people were shown, and so ends the great 650 year dark times.

The handful of survivors from the militia decided to leave this cursed land and start a new country, one with members from all over, the two original dark elves, the descendants of the first men the elves saved, and a few others. This group of people started calling themselves Maalkara, and they traveled until they found a good defendable forest to call their own.