What is this MarsCon you speak of?


The brave warriors of the our realm once again have found a portal leading to strange world. Still fresh from their experience at Nekocon, this time they stepped into a world of Science Fiction. They called this place Marscon. The brave warriors meet with the inhabitants of this new realm, and introduced them to their way of life.  In return, the bizarre inhabitants offered their many wares in a bazaar known as Artist Alley.  They also perused a marketplace with games, wooden crafts, clothing, and leather goods. Finding a little free time, our warriors decided to hone their skills in combat trials.  Their fighting brought a few crowds, and even an old friend or two. They talked to many people and held demonstrations to show off their skill. After being there for two days the warriors of our realm gathered up their gear, said goodbye to their new friends, and stepped back through the portal to our realm.
Written by Daniel Scanlon
Edited by Joseph Tyler
Photo Credit to Elizabeth Barlow