The Past, Present, and Future


So came that time of year again, as our adventurers were greeted by holiday spirits. Brought into the season of gift giving and mischief our combatants were given tasks to complete in both past, present, and future in order to save or ruin the holidays. Two sides waged this festive war, the nice side and the naughty side. The nice side fought with the aid of the afflicted Negrodamus, while the naughty side fought for Krampus. The first task was to capture the first-holiday were-goose and the first-holiday tree from Christmas past. The good side emerged victorious, holding both tree and goose in the end. With the past safely secured, our adventurers were sent to Christmas present, where gifts had already been delivered to houses by both Negrodamus and Krampus. Each side had to steal the opposing sides gifts from the houses to have them either be corrupted or cleansed. Both the nice and naughty fought courageously, sneaking into houses and burning down doors to get to their gifts. During the battle, the orphanage caught on fire and burned down, luckily the nice adventurers were able to mend and save the building. With the last of the gifts successfully cleansed, our adventurers were finally sent to Christmas future. What the future held for them was the end of times, the final battle between Krampus and Negrodamus. But with the passing of time so did the affliction that plagued Negrodamus, for he had turned into a baby. Each side fought it out in this final encounter, with only a limited supply of personal resurrections and the gifts from Christmas present. The battle was fought long and hard, but finally the nice side emerged victorious and the holiday season was saved!

Written by: Wilson Benoit
Photo Credit: April Roth Bradbury