The New Champion of The Realm

Champion of the Realm

The realm once again gathered with high spirits for the seasonal Noble’s Tournament; all who attended witnessed the valor and skill of those who won. Yet, before the tournament could begin, His Royal Majesty High King Smelton Smudgeson von Wayland took to the ring with his squire, Westwater of Freeport. His Royal Majesty and Westwater valiantly fought, the squire proving his mettle to the King. Sir Firbolg and his squire, Zoren of Eileana’ Reult, entered the ring next, fighting honorably. His Royal Majesty knighted both of the squires and the realm gave a cheer, hailing Sir Zoren and Sir Westwater!

One more announcement had to be made before the festivities could commence, His Royal Majesty proclaimed that the remaining spots in his Kings Guard would be filled by his page, Sark of Ralkea; the steadfast Faakir of Freeport; and the newly titled Sir Zoren of Eileana’ Reult.

The tournament this season was run by Sir Vex of Tyrcath, who divided the realm into their classes, which would commence before the freestyle tournament, and finish with the peasants’ favorite: Tyrcathian dagger fights.

The winners are as followed:

William Constance won Grandmaster Assassin

Decklin of Tyrcath won Deadliest Healer

His Royal Majesty High King Smelton of Tyrcath won Archdruid

Sark of Ralkea won Master Guardian

Cobweb of Tyrcath won most powerful Archmage

Lenny of Ascendia won High Ranger

Sir Firbolg of Tyrcath won Prince of Thieves

Mircea of Ascendia won Witch Bane

And finally, Airrith of Tyrcath won Grand Champion of the Realm!

Congratulations to all those who won and for those who did not, good luck next tournament!


Written by Marie Lupia

Photo Credit to Tessa de Verona