The King’s Court


A new day approached alongside a new beginning as the king called to order the realm. Decisions and laws both old and new were discussed and debated upon. But most importantly, certain individuals began to climb the steps of leadership and power. But before the formalities ensued, what was this? New faces!! It seemed that some of the locals were impressed and wanted to test their prowess upon the field of battle and followed our adventurers back to their realm. Once the initial camaraderie had ended, it was time to heed the call of the king. The one known as Westwater, squire to the king was allowed to take a page under him, Fahkir was chosen to fit the bill. The king himself chose a page to serve under him as well, he chose the respectable adventurer named Sark, of Ralkea. Next came Aiefen’s turn to choose, and for her, she chose two. She chose the brave Cobweb of Tyrcath and the intellectual known as Steven from Eileana Reult. All the new pages accepted their role, except for Steven. Steven’s denial of being Aiefen’s page resulted in Steven’s fiery demise. With all royalties and announcements over with, the day continued with friendly battle and sparing. With the beginnings of a cold chill descending upon the realm, what awaits them next time?
Written by: Wilson Benoit
Photo Credit: Eunice Jenkins