Sugar, Spice and Everything Undead


As the winter chill began to creep into the realm of orcs so to did the winds of magic upon the lands. Deemed by the inhabitants of the realm as Bizarro Day. A day where our adventurers and characters you had not seen before could test their new skills and abilities not usually open to their classes. A day where perhaps even the most proficient of warriors tried their hand in casting spells or even the sneaky assassin tried his or her hand in front line combat. To all it was a day of change, but before the excitement could began, the undead lord had other plans. Recently making it aware of his appearance in the realm, Lord Nihlus ruler of the undead city began his ruthless march of the world. Or so he thought, that was until the country of Tyrcath made their march right into his city. A battle ensued between the undead and the combatants of Tyrcath, with Tyrcath emerging as the victor. However Lord Nihlus had other plans besides death, after all the lord of an undead city wouldn’t succumb to such paltry misfortune. After the battle was won, Lord Nihlus and his soldiers along with the entire town disappeared without a trace only leaving behind the promise of a return. But with momentary peace guaranteed, the realm celebrated Bizarro Day the best they knew how, with combat. Our adventurers fought a hearty battle throughout the day in teams of three and four, resurrecting at a very plush fireplace. And so another page in the history of Orcs came to an end, with the next exciting event just around the corner.
Written by: Wilson Benoit
Photo Credit: Eunice Jenkins