Nobility and the Spring Tournament


Spring has arrived in the realm; flowers have begun peeking out of the soil as birds and animals return to the lands. The sun shone down and the wind blew crisp and cool on the ring at the spring noble tournament. Before the festivities were to begin, nobles had business to attend to. Sir Zoren fought bravely and narrowly lost in the attempt to raise his noble rank while Sir Firbolg was victorious and raised his title to Baron. Baroness Aiefen was recognized throughout the realm for her noble deeds and raised in title to Countess.

Not all of the business was was quite so structured though. The Cleric Faakir of Freeport was offered a deal; he must lay down his beliefs in false gods and worship the Tyrcathian diety Cath. Faakir agreed and Pope Arden and Decklin both took the Freeportian into the Church of Cath.

Once business was done, the tournament began! Congratulations to all the winners!

Single Sword: Pope Arden

Sword and Board: Dax

Florentine: Dax

Black Sword: Lyde

Pole Arm: Dax

Chain Weapon: Dax

2 Man Teams: Dax and Zhirr

Archery: Dax

The overall champion of the tournament was Dax, with Pope Arden and Lyde coming in second and third, respectively.

Photos and post written by Marie Lupia