Looming War and Registration


The Realm of Orcs has been buzzing with activity and gossip lately; a Crown War looms on the horizon, and His Royal Majesty High King Smelton appears unshaken. Tyrcath is ready to clash with the dissenters using fire and blood, as the rest of the Realm must choose sides.

Baron Germ of the Mobian Confederacy has called for the crown, and when the realm gathered for court Sir Silas also stepped up. Eileana’ Reult is once again challenging King Smelton and Tyrcath, further dividing what was already a split world. During this discussion, Dax stepped forward and asked if mercenaries who had been hired out to oppose King Smelton would be punished. It is understandable that mercenaries of the realm wish to keep their reputation, but the response from His Royal Majesty was a simple ‘maybe’.

In the past weeks the realm gathered together for their annual feast; a day of celebration, food, drink, and entertainment. During the festivities, His Royal Majesty High King Smelton was assassinated, and while questioning the realm he discovered that Bards know a magic that makes them immune to Truthspeak, and can grant this ability to others as well. Any information that can be proven useful on who assassinated the King at the feast will be rewarded with 50,000 gold pieces.

Due to the distrust of Bards amongst Tyrcathians and their King, His Royal Majesty has decreed that there will be a Bard Registration Act; all Bards throughout the realm are required to register and submit to questioning. Barrel has been appointed Grudge Keeper, he along with Abbadon of Tyrcath will be running the registration. Naturally, several countries were outraged at this new act; Eileana’ Reult has declared that the Act is barbaric, King Smelton responded by requesting that the Bard known as Cricket be brought to him for questioning. Mobia outright refuses to participate, while Freeport has no issue with the Act, but they also have no Bards currently.

The Realm of Orcs is simmering on the edge of war, outright defiance has been noted already and is testing the patience of Tyrcath and its King. The many countries of the realm are divided and have many decisions to make before the coming war; stand with the current King or oppose him and fight for a new monarch.

Post written and photography by Marie Lupia