Ice Brawl III: Reign of the Ice King


The Third annual Ice Brawl has come. Fighters from many backgrounds came to fight once again to build skill and camaraderie. Darkon, Dagohir, Legends, and Amtgard were all represented among the fighters. It started with some simple two team fighting until the games began. The first game was Kingmaker where everyone was split into four groups and each team was assigned a random king and queen. The last team standing would have their king crowned the Ice King. Lee Marks from Legends won the right to be called Ice King and, until another one is crowned, Lee will have double damage at Ice Brawl from now on. Next everyone was split into two teams and played an interesting game that seems like a mix of football and king of the hill. The fighting was hard and the friends made at events like these will promote cross gaming among the fighters of Virginia, Thanks to Timothy Grabowski, Bryan Jenkins, William Amarillo, and Eunice Jenkins for running a great event.
Written by: Daniel Scanlon
Photo Credit: Tessa da Verona