Feasting and Firespinning

Every year the people of the realm come together for a night of feasting and fun, this year was no exception. We would like to give special thanks to Mama Debbie for the amazing food, Illusions for allowing us to use your space, Michael Wade for taking amazing photos, and to Funky Lights Flow Team for putting on an AMAZING show! Thank you also to Guy and Christel Roden, Wilson Benoit, and Tennyson Buccholz for being a tremendous help this year! You all really made the feast extra amazing this year and it wouldn’t have been even half of what it was without you!

Special recognitions for this year’s feast go to
Best Fighter: Bryan Jenkins
Most Improved: Jamie Mai
Best Costume: William Amarillo
Best Armor: Chaz Dinkle
Best Roleplayer: Jonathan Dinkle
Favorite Event: Noble Council Campout
Favorite NPC: The Deal Maker, Tim Havaland, Lost Kingdoms Campout
Favorite Monster: The Hydra, Land Marshal Adventure Day
Outstanding Contribution to the Game: Deborah Jenkins and Jonathan Reid