Crossing the Realm into the Maze


It was the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and everyone was arriving at Montpelier Farms in Maryland for the event. Surrounding the grass parking lot was a pumpkin patch, slides that made one reminisce of childhood and a barn on top of a hill overlooked all those that arrived. However, the real allure of the day was awaiting us on the other side of the hill. As one began to see over the crest of the hill a vast labyrinth carved out of a field of corn stretched out before them with two white towers standing tall above the golden corn. To fight, die and be reborn in this corn maze was what everyone was looking forward to.

The anticipation for the event swelled as everyone was split into two teams. Each team entered at opposite ends of the maze. The goal was simple, team pig needed to find all eleven pigs hidden in the maze and bring them back to their tower. While team sheep needed to do the same with their sheep. Note: no actual farm animals were used or harmed in the running of this event. The difficulty lied in the fact that all the livestock were scattered throughout the corn maze. The tower each team needed to reach were all the way on opposite side of the maze from their starting points … conflict was inevitable. After the calm of navigating though the corn clashes began to happen. Games of cat and mouse in the labyrinth and grand battles of holding the line broke out everywhere as both sides raced and fought over their selected livestock. To add to the mayhem living scarecrows began to attack both sides. These monstrosities could phase through the very walls of corn themselves and bring death to the unwary. If one was interested in personal gain, there was a shady individual wondering the maze with a bounty board. If fortune favored you enough to kill one of the wanted individuals, you could take proof of the kill to her and receive a reward. One of the biggest rewards at the top of the list was ‘The Goblin King’ whose head was worth fifty gold if delivered to the mysterious Foxglove. These elements collided to make a beautiful event where around every corner was the unknown possibility of danger or companionship. In the end team sheep won the event but that day everyone walked away with stories to tell of their own exploits. As the sun set the individuals that braved the corn maze began to leave for home and looked forward to the corn maze event next year. Will you join them?

Written by: Jonathan E. Barlow
Photo Credit: Rob Storer