Cardboard Shield Battle!


On Sunday March 26th cardboard was everywhere. Freeport hosted the cardboard shield day event and everyone was in full swing. For the event people replaced their normal foam shields with homemade shields constructed with cardboard and glue. The creativity showed brightly in those that made a shield. Top amongst everyone where the winners of the best-looking cardboard shield contest. 3rd place went to Elizabeth Barlow for her natural looking bark shield. 2nd place was held by Juli McKendree for her artistic shield. Finally, was 1st place winner Marie Lupia for her realistic looking wooden shield meticulously decorated in vines and runes.

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After the cardboard shield fashion show the fighting started. The rules were simple, separate into your different countries and score a point for every cardboard shield your country destroys. You can only score a point if your country still has a shield. After drawing lots to decide each countries’ respawn point, the players wielding their cardboard creations where unleashed upon each other. The fighting was fierce and certain players were more popular targets. Of note was the cardboard shield designed to look like an Oreo cookie wielded by Candice Hornbeck. Freeport declared that if someone destroyed this shield while impersonating Cookie Monster their country would get an extra point for it. An unexpectedly popular target was a shield that was literally a pizza box strapped to Brian Orozco’s arm. Neither of these two notable shields survived the battle that ensued.

However, that day everyone was surprised how sturdy the shields proved to be. The time some people spent in constructing their shield was apparent when the fighting was called at four o’clock to decide the winner. Tyrcath won by a large margin and their prize was a cardboard wizard tower to be placed on the land map. The wizard tower doesn’t cost a copper to upkeep but one fireball will burn it down and kill anyone unfortunate enough to be inside it. In the end, it was a fun event that showed the ingenuity and creativity of many people that day. Thank you Freeport for hosting such a unique event.

Written by Jonathan Barlow

Photo Credit to Angela Scott