The Coward Courier, Issue 24

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • Realm Faces Fae Foe at Feast

Back Page: 

  • Foul Fowl Foul Up Travel
  • Dragon Hunts on the High Seas
  • EB Elections Coming Up

Classified Ads:

  • Mushrooms are great
  • Illidan is a buttface
  • Sic semper tyannis
  • 5 silver to whoever steals a kiss from one of those mobian’s redheads!
  • Dragon fire can’t melt steel weaponry! The dragon hunts were an inside job!
  • angerad is a liar and a cunt
  • Beware, High Consul. Assassins whisper your name amongst themselves. They plan treachery.
  • Dame Aiefen, I wish to speak with you in private, please do me the pleasure of meeting me by the felled log, far from camp at the chime of the 20th hour on the first day. I have sensitive matters to discuss.
  • Jericho, Cleric of Cath. I have questions of the faith. If you would lend me your council I would be very appreciative.
    -Angharad Nist
  • Hold fast to your souls, adventurers, warriors!
  • Eileana’Reult is no friend to dwarves, be wary.

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