The Coward Courier, Issue 22

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • Reult Beast Still at Large
  • The Search for the Shrink Spell

Back Page: 

  • A Treatise on the Origin of the Witch Hunter By: Vex MaCath

Classified Ads:

  • Spell bag for sale, slightly used. Smells of brimstone. Interested parties please contact Decklin.
  • I’ma Hilarrio. You stol’a my gem and’a my cookies. You’sa gonna pay.
  • I only got three hours of sleep because of this paper, you all better appreciate it.
  • 5 silver for a private show with the pretty naked Tyrcathian.

The Coward Courier 22-0 (1) The Coward Courier 22-1 (1)

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