The Coward Courier, Issue 21

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • The Lost Kingdoms Declare War On Whole Realm
  • Guild Hall Goblins Exterminated

Back Page: 

  • Eileana’Reult Promotes Murderer To Prominence
  • Witch Hunters Under Scrutiny

Classified Ads:

  • If you drop me I’m sure to crack,But if you give me a smile I’ll always smile back, what am I?
  • Raphael wants to unite the kingdoms, ask him about exploring your old capital.
  • Hail king smelton!-warspatians
  • Your Wilds remember YOU, not some woebegone memory of petty sheep.-Ames of Ascendia
  • I did not know we would march. Michael does not speak for all.
  • Need a little extra muscle or a few minor miracles? Dwarves for hire, contact Gomgrin.
  • Lost Kingdoms, Your path leads you to ruin. Turn away now.-the one who walks behind
  • Be on the lookout for a mouse with a trove of mystery and wonder…
  • The Raven seeks those with magic to come together and learn from one another.


The Coward Courier 21-0The Coward Courier 21-1


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