The Coward Courier, Issue 20

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • Unrest Follows the Fatespinner
  • Republic City in Ruins

Back Page:

  • Editor Enacting New Paper Policy

Classified Ads:

  • Undead seeks braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnns
  • While a leader must have followers, having followers does not make one a leader.
  • I wish to meet with the leaders of the Greater Elven Coalition on behalf of the elven population of Eileana’Reult. You will be given a generous welcome. It will not be a repeat of the last meeting, you have my word as Consul.
    -Consul Silas, the Silverstring
  • The wilds keep my heart, but my mind and body returns to your chaos. Prepare.
  • Eileana Reult will no longer hide from their enemies, but march forth to meet them.
  • Glad to know that anatomically, the right shoulder blade is located in one’s left arm.
  • Seeking a goblin willing to be trained to give compliments on command. ~The Merchant
  • What does a dragon call a dwarf’s treasure hoard?
    A good start.

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