The Coward Courier, Issue 16

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • A Letter From Tyrcath New Policies: Foreign Affairs, Ships, and Honor
  • The Four Horsemen of Dracconia

Back Page

  • Eileana’Reult Plague
  • Missing Children Found

Classified Ads

  • Looking to buy a banshee shroud and a ghoul’s tongue.
    -L’veeq of Tyrcath
  • I don’t really have anything to say, this is just a desperate attempt to fill space in the Classifieds because they’re my personally favorite part of the paper and I’d like to see more of them. However, I will personally pay for classifieds featuring quality puns. Submit ads to me for pun evaluation.
    -Angharad Nist
  • You will find Time has no friend, it devours all- even those who grovel at its feet.
  • How many Tyrcathians does it take to turn a millstone? One. They grab ahold and the rest of the realm revolves around them.
  • Congratulations to Baron Verbjorn and Duke Smelton.
  • Fallon has proven she’s a capable leader! Why give that all away for some Tiefling upstart?
  • So Verbjorn! When’s the wedding?
  • Zoren of Eileana’Reult for consulate!
  • The Plaguebringer must be stopped!

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One thought on “The Coward Courier, Issue 16

  1. Tyr’Cath being nice and allowing so much. Yes, what better why to lure you into a false sense of comfort before the great bear attacks.

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