The Coward Courier, Issue 15

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • Eileana’Reult in Turmoil Children Disappearing
  • Witch Speaks Out Against Witch Hunting

Back Page:

  • Warlord of Tyrcath: Pope Arden Responds
  • Tyrcathian Dragons Commence World Tour

Classified Ads: 

  • Darklon, the paper showed you where your king is and you still can’t find him?
  • Tyrcath, The Northern Alliance grows weary of your in fighting. Reconcile or be invaded!
  • The winter is cold this year and the orcs crossed in force. Be warned.
  • I didn’t know we had a warlord. I thought we were an autonomous collective!
  • When the Foh Horsemen got somethin’ to say, brudda, you’ll know it, your momma will know it, your daddah will know, everyone will know it ’cause when the Foh Horsemen got something to say, brudda, everybody listens!
  • Do we return from Tyrcath with our ship or without it? I do not know…
  • Thank you Dame Aiefen for your gift of tribbles, they thrive in our lands.
  • Trolls like to be entertained, guarding bridges can get really boring. Try singing a song or doing a little jig to get yourself free passage during your commute- or you could hire a bard.
  • Looking to buy a banshee shroud and a ghoul’s tongue. -L’veeq of Tyrcath

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