The Coward Courier, Issue 14

Paper Crest Updated


Front Page:

  • An Uprise in Tyrcath?

Back Page:

  • Courier Under Attack
  • Concerning Witches a Notice for Concerned Citizens

Classified Ads:

  • The Horsemen are coming -Azrael Nalsheem-
  • Seeking a ghoul’s tongue and a banshee shroud to buy.
    -L’veeq of Tyrcath
  • Father of wee-kong, I have your son. -edward
  • Congrats to our new Sister and brother to the country of Tyr.Cath
  • Maybe we should stop celebrating that we killed things, first Tuath and now this giant? We should reevaluate these sorts of decisions.
  • Does anyone know how to get rid of a troll? My work doesn’t cover troll bridges in my commute.,Why should whores take Sundays off? They’re gonna be on their knees anyways? Shit-ass town! Shit-ass brothel! Shit-ass giant! A pox on this whole business! -Angharad Nist
  • Where can I find a smith that makes bone armor like Smelton was sporting? I like the look of it!

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