The Realm of ORCS is host to many different countries, each with their own religion, ethics, histories and alignments.  Each adventurer of the realm can choose to align themselves with a specific country, or can choose to be a nomad who holds no allegiance.

The countries are what make ORCSLarp unique from other LARP groups.  Countries can go to war over politics, border disputes, revenge, or simply for fun.  The world map changes with every event as the wars rage on — and the constant threat of orcish invasion stirs the pot even more.



Defunct Countries

• Maalkara
• New Jerusalem
• Sandrfell
• Chrymissra
• Rome
• Sparta
• Grenfadin
• Arashikage
• Dar Armandil
• Stalrike
• D’Hara
• Dunasli/Mobia
• Alianza
• Zeltheim
• Revinica
• Arcanatrix Combine
• Caerdale
• The United Tribes
• The Lost Kingdoms
• Mobian Confederation